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 * Elizabeth Spring, MA, is a counseling therapist with a background in Jungian

    psychology and 18 years as a practicing astrologer.  


* Elizabeth specializes in exploring the hidden dynamics of your career and

     relationship questions  through a thorough examination of your natal, progressed,

     and transit charts. The Moon's Nodes and the transpersonal planets are given

      special attention.  


An astrology reading gives you unique insights into relationships, career,

 and the timing of events. It helps you make better choices.  I believe in

  choice-centered, empowering, transformative astrology. 





  My approach is more psychological than predictive; more spiritual and insightful, than psychic.  This type

  of astrology is a blend of Jungian archetypal and re-incarnational evolutionary astrology. You don't need

  to know any of this language or astrological jargon; I translate it into plain English, and we simply talk about

  what's happening in your life now, and the upcoming astrological climate.   A reading is very helpful in times

  of change, indecision, or transiton because you will learn to see yourself and your possibilities in a new light.

  For clients who are interested, I will delve into their "past-life parable" and family karmic inheritance.





                          Are you 'just working' or are you doing your life's work? 

                     Are you wondering when new relationships will come into your life or

                                              considering leaving your current one?

                     Are you restless or anxious and don't know why?


                                             Take a few moments to read some of the articles on this site to see

                                                     if I might be the right person for you to talk to.


     "I just wanted to say a word of thanks for our time together over the phone

       this morning. It felt right, peaceful and affirming, as much as it also challenges

     me further to reflect upon my relationship. I also very much appreciated the gentle,

      wise, caring and articulate manner in which you shared what you did. It allowed me

     to feel a definite soul-level connection with you over the phone."

                                              Pierre Soffe

                                                      Hospice Director, Washington    



   "I believe the astrological chart is a  profoundly direct means for accessing unique insights

 and wisdom~because it was chosen by your Soul before birth. In this kind of astrology 

we believe that karma, grace, fate, and the power and mystery of your free will weave together an exquisite tapestry

that can be "read." Readings are a dialogue where we enter into an exploration of who you are, and what might

 be some of the best options for you now. "  ~elizabeth


             ***   Call to make an appointment for a personal reading at my office in Wickford, Rhode Island,

     or for a 60-90 minute phone reading.  First visits at my home office, or by phone, are $135 and take between an hour

     to hour and a half. I will tape our session for you and will mail your birth, transit and progressed charts as well as a

     one page write-up on your North North and South Node. Some notes will be included as well.

     All readings are strictly confidential.  Comparison/relationship charts using synastry & composite charts are very

     valuable, but because of the extra work involved they are $150.  Any repeat readings within one year are $100.



              *** Give me a call at 401-294-5863 to set up our appointment time and also to give me your birth

     date, time and place, and to arrange  VISA/MC payment. I usually can do a phone reading within a day or two. 

     You may also email me at elizabethspring@aol.com          



        *** Finding your life direction and soul purpose is a process of finding what is hidden

     underneath your rational struggles for love, money, and security. The astrological chart --your horoscope--

     is a map of the psyche revealing profound clues about the direction your Soul yearns for...  

            as well as providing insights for timing of significant events.

                                 Although it is an esoteric truth that character equals fate,

                             we are blessed with the free will to create our own character

                                      and therefore our own destiny.



     Are you between the ages of 27-30?  Or 58-60? You may be experiencing the tremendous

 challenges of the SATURN RETURN. (Click on Saturn article link on top of page.) 

     Are you between the ages of 38-42? Or between 60-64?This is the time to reclaim parts of yourself that

  you may have put on hold. Now is the time to make changes at your URANUS OPPOSITION,

  and Uranus Square.





***Boston Jung Institute: Saturday Workshop on Uranus. November 3, 2007.

                Check "Classes/Lectures" page for more information.


      ~ Read new articles:  "Openings in the Curtain of Fate: The Intercweavings of Saturn

  and Uranus"   and     " You Can Make Astrology Prove Anything...."  (Coming out in

  Mountain Astrologer Magazine in February 2008. And, "When I'm Sixty-three..." on the surprising

  changes that Uranus transits usher into your life by clicking on the underlined title, or

  reading this article published on Star IQ"on April 27th:


  Dec 20


   Brown University Lecture: "Astrology; Myth, Magic and Mystery" (Click underlined title for copy of lecture.)

               Feb 15th. 5:00-7:00 PM

           "...In 1988 Time magazine reported that some fifty million Americans believed in astrology and in 2003

                   according to the Harris Poll, 31% of Americans believe in astrology. But it's still the black sheep..."


  RISD Lecture: Providence, R.I. May 8 7:00 PM   "Astrology As Spiritual Practice"


  *** Visit: "Reflections on Healing a Broken Heart"...."You seem to have led

                a charmed life," her words echoed uncomfortabley in my ears. Yes, after twenty years

                of marriage all the visible markers of a successful life were in place....      


   ***Click and Visit: http://www.northnodeastrology.com   'Soul readings' with emphasis on North and

               South Nodes and your re-incarnational journey.





 "When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate."    Carl Jung






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