Astrology for the-Third Act of Life

There are life passages you should know about between the ages of 40-88 to travel with grace, wisdom and empowerment through the transits of the Third Act of Life. Elizabeth illustrates how midlife gives us an opportunity to deepen and communicate with our soul by incorporating astrology, Jungian psychology and personal memoirs.

When explaining each of the aging astrological transits, Elizabeth offers instruments to help you cope and succeed through all these ages; it is now known what was once esoteric and unmapped territory. But when is the time for drastic changes to be made? What is the time to transform and focus inwards? By recognizing the challenges and gifts of each transit, we know that at age 59, beyond the Second Saturn Return, there are wonderful life passages that continue through the Uranus Return at age 84 and beyond.

My hope is that we will gather the courage to experience both a deepening of our sense of self as we navigate these waters of the Third Act of Life and — I dare say it — a re-enchantment of our lives. This journey, marked by the wisdom of the astrological journey, is about challenging changes but is also the best with the deepest joy.