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Astrological Readings/Counseling:

​I do 90- minute phone or Skype/Zoom readings as well as see clients in my home office. The fee is $250 payable by Visa or MC or Paypal. Payment button is on first page. Repeat clients within one year have option to buy counseling session for $200. Relationship-comparison readings are another option for $290.

If you’d like to set up a reading–usually I can do it within a few days–email me at: with your date, time, place of birth, and a letter about you and your concerns/questions now, and possible times you are available for a session. I prefer to work around noon to early afternoon, as I spend the mornings on your charts and letter

I look forward to hearing from you!



Http:// This is a blog based on my book, and contains excerpts from: “Lifting the Veil; Becoming Your Own Best Astrologer” Come by for a visit! All about the nature of Saturn and the Saturn Returns at ages 29 and 59. This is my new site~come visit!
Article on “How Love Sabotages and Saves our Lives”

Articles on the North and South Nodes. Here you can find new articles at my light hearted attempt at a blog (!) called: “Baby Boomers’ Astrology Guide” Email me or leavecomments on Saturn Return and Uranus Opposition articles…. Directory. site of astrologer and holistic healer/visionary. “Healing the Soul: Writing as Spiritual Practice. Check it out to read, to comment, or inspire you!
Here you’ll find Spiritual New Age Wisdom, good links, and good books to read, including a new one by the author of the site. As a graduate of Steven’s apprenticeship program, I am so pleased to be able to “link” with my fine teacher and friend. free celtic art: thanks for the scroll knot-work! offers free personalized forecasts by email, original articles daily and a guide to astrology on and off the net. My other website through which you can review and order books easily. If you want articles on the North Node the best site is: The international web astrological website The Professional astrology magazine. Most
recent article is in March 2008 issue: “You Can Make Astrology Prove Anything” Australian Sue Thompson’s astrology site. A wonderful site with lots to explore, great information and insights including Sue’s artwork and astrological mandalas which you can purchase. Philip Levine’s “Sirius Astrological Services” Wonderful in-depth articles on this site. Astrology directory Weekly astrological radio report on 90.3 Fm out of Boston -free natal charts, plus much more. Article on Bitterness; the Silent Disease Amy Weintraub’s excellent yoga site. This is the most complete guide to information about self-improvement, personal growth, and self-help on the internet. Holistic, Spiritual and self-improvement Resource. An on-line ezine with great articles on self growth, healing, astrology, and psychology. Artcicle on Oracles and the Family Karmic Inheritance is here. E-zine magazine with North Node article. Angel Valley Retreat Center Sedona, Arizona
Beautiful spiritual retreat center. Insightful e-zine with article on the North Node, and Soul Direction. Website of writer, psychotherapist, and astrologer Greg Bogart My article on “Astrological Gold-the Gift of Jupiter; Finding your unknown talents and karmic luck Astrological Gold Astrologer Paul Wade’s large and fascinating astrology site. Worth checking out! Article on relationships: “Reflections on Healing a Broken Heart” Chiron Astrology-Martin Lass. Helps couples to create extraordinary relationships and grow marriages through advice, tips, and strategies. Article on “A Quick and Potent Guide to Understanding Your Astrology Chart” Cris McCullough and Vici Williams help you to create a labyrinth –free daily horoscope, weekly horoscopes, astrology charts and more!

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My favorite link: Harry Spring has a terrific line of hand-made stoneware pottery, especially his Love/Wedding/Anniversary Bowls that are inscribed around the rim with the inscription: “Love is the only ingredient that really matters.”