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20 Tips on How to Develop Psychic Abilities

Many people out there have a psychic ability that they are not aware of, sometimes we hear and see things that are not out there, and this is simply the spirits trying to communicate with us. Most of us don’t pay attention to these things as our logical minds affect and make us second guess what’s out there.

But if you feel like you have a psychic gift, the best way is to learn how to develop your psychic. Find out what’s your affinity, learn how to put it into practice, and connect with your higher self. In this article, we are giving you tips that will help you to learn, practice, and develop your psychic abilities.

1. Meditate Regularly

One of the first things anyone who wants to work on their psychic abilities and one of the most basic ones is meditating. Meditating allows you to be not only relaxed, but it raises your energetic vibrations, and most spirit energy vibrates at a high frequency. 

This is why it is essential to be in that state where you can connect to your spiritual self and the energy of others. 

To meditate, find the best time for it. The best time can be early in the morning, so you are fresh and awake or before the day so your body is relaxed, and you are more alert to sit and practice. 

Choosing how much time is right is preferable to do from 10-15 minutes, but there is no right or wrong time. 

 Sit comfortably and do it in a quiet space, so you won’t be disturbed and can focus. Once you do that, breathe, let the airflow in and out of you, notice the things around you, let your mind wander. Focus your mind on a word, a mantra, something that lets you focus and have fun. 

 2. Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

The second thing you must start to do frequently is getting to know your spirit guides. Ask them questions so not only they can show to you, but so you can familiarize yourself with them, get to know their names.

Your spirit guides will be there for you and will guide you whenever you give a reading and can also guide you in the course of your life. 

By meditating, let your mind imagine and ask yourself who are your spirit guides as well as other questions that let you find them and have an image of them, whether they are angels, masters, or teachers. Find your spirit guides as they are there to help and guide you. 

3. Take a Walk in Nature

Another necessary step to get in the world of psychics is to find other ways to meditate. One great way of doing this is by walking in nature. Not just passing by as we usually do, but walk while minding every step you take, how your body moves.  Connect with your surroundings, to clear your mind and help your energy vibration to increase. 

4. Read about Psychic Abilities

Reading is a way to learn more about what you are trying to do but also helps you to understand the spirit world. Reading others’ experiences as well as guides on how to connect with our spiritual guides and our divine support system, help us to educate ourselves while guiding us in the right pathway.

5. Join a Spiritual Development Circle or Join a Class

Groups that help you to work with your intuitive skills, so you can meditate with others and work into getting a higher vibration of your abilities and your spiritual self. 

Spiritual development circles are not just to improve your skills and vibration, but they are a safe and loving place to get to know other psychics, connect with more people, and work on your abilities. 

6. Get to Know Other Psychics and Mediums

Get support from other friendly physics and mediums, get to know people who have been in the business, or practicing their abilities for a long time. This can be nutritious for you as you talk with someone who has gone through the process and can talk from experience. 

And there is no reason to be alone on this journey, being a psychic is very interesting, and having others like you around can make the experience more exceptional.

7. Keep Your Vibration High

Part of becoming a psychic is always having your energy vibrations high, not only because spirits vibrate at high frequency but because it allows you to connect to your divine and higher self and higher vibrations attract beautiful and other aware souls into your life. 

That means living your best life without negativity and being authentic will help you be more connected and keep a high vibration. 

There are multiple ways to keep your vibration high: 

  1. Be aware of your thoughts, what you feel, think, or say
  2. Appreciate the beautiful; things
  3. Know what you eat, drink a lot of water
  4. Meditate
  5. Be grateful
  6. Practice acts of kindness

8. Eat High-vibrational Foods

This is a question that comes from many developing psychics should I follow a psychic diet, as you work your way around, you will crave lighter foods, things that nourish our bodies. 

There is no specific diet for everyone, as everybody works differently, and it’s about what works for our bodies and abilities. That being said, it is good to consume little meat and a wide variety of vegetables, drinking lots of water, and reducing the consumption of junk food, alcohol, processed foods, and caffeine. 

This resumes a natural diet, consumption of veggies and fruits, and keeps your body nutritious but has high vibrational energy. You need to stay hydrated; you need it while you give readings that can consume your energy and dehydrate you. The key to avoiding this is to drink water and teas, before, during, and after readings. 

Some things we should try to reduce are alcohol, processed food, and animal products, not eliminate them out of your life, because that will be too drastic and could cause the opposite effect, but we should see how we feel when we consume these things, find what’s right for you. 

 9. Develop Your “Clairs”

Clair senses are the different kinds of abilities that correspond with our five senses, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. Psychics have to work on their clairs, what you see, what you hear, the smells and things you taste when synced with your spiritual energy and intuition. 

Usually, people have a stronger connection to one of the clairs, but everyone can work and improve their intuitive gifts and be able to read and sense those normal things around them like are smells, feelings, sounds, and tastes.


Clairvoyance but not to be confused with regular psychic readings, clairvoyance readings tend to come like a metaphor, you could see things but not necessarily what will happen but picture messages with a hidden message, how the client feels, a way to describe their actual situation. 

Images can come in any form. They usually pop into your mind. Like a daydream, many people are highly visual, which means we get messages better when seen, on a screen, in a piece of paper, or even on canvas. Most visual people choose to become artists. 

By focusing on your third eye area, calling out your spirit guides to show you images, letting your mind wander the key to receive images to come to you.

Clairvoyance can be practiced in many ways, and this gift also means clear seeing, it’s about the intuition we have of receiving information via visions, pictures, and symbols. It focuses and happens on our mind’s eye. 

Anyone with an inclination to clairvoyance might notice flashes or spark on the corner of their eyes, as well as a movement when none is happening. Random images that flood into your mind, being able to see people’s aura of colors around them and vivid dreams. 


This clair is specified to hear the messages we receive thought audio as if someone were to speak into our minds. A calm voice that delivers a clear message with instruction or short messages. It could be one word, numbers. 

The messages that you can receive with clairaudience, many can also hear sounds or music. Some of our natural talents are found in our auditory faculties, which makes talented musicians, writers, and speakers. 

Practice by laying in a bed and pay attention to the sounds that surround you, focusing on the sounds that we tend to ignore help our psychic hearing. 

There are other ways to improve your clairaudience. You can meditate and get messages from your spiritual guides. Practice by evoking music and different sounds, imagining your favorite sound, imagining being at the beach and hearing the sound of the waves, and your favorite singer on the stage singing your favorite song. This helps to understand telepathic messages, not just music but sounds in general as well. 


This is the clair that focuses on a person’s emotions or feelings. This gets confused with that positive or negative gut feeling about people who we just met. It means that you can be connected with the person’s energy or of a spirit around you. People with the ability or highly sensitive ability make good healers and caregivers. 

Usually, these messages come in the form of a feeling and being able to read the emotions of others around us or someone we are speaking with over the telephone. 


When we get an odor that isn’t physical around us, the smell of someone who isn’t around you, or those same smells that evoke us to memories, this is a great skill and many people who have this type of sensibility work as florists, wine taster, and or perfume fragrance creators. 

As mentioned above, these smells can come from living and not living beings, and they tend to affect our moods, but these messages should work as guidance for us. Which could lead us to encourage, avoid certain situations, or to relax? 


Another clair is the ability to taste something that isn’t there; we receive these messages when someone close to us tries to communicate through memory or association; it works as a higher sense of taste. 

Clear taste is one of the most unusual psychic gifts out there tasting elements, chemicals, foods, or other things linked to an event, person, or memory.


The ability to know something about someone that we don’t know or an event that we do not know of is called claircognizance, truths that can pop out of nowhere, it works like a warning or vision from something that happened or is going to happen. 

Not many people out there with this psychic ability are highly intuitive and can quickly know things or facts with a clear sense of certainty. 

10. Practice Psychometry Skills

Not only humans have auras or energy, but objects around us also do. And that’s why it is also essential to read the energy of an object, this fun way to practice allows you some insight into how it could be reading someone. 

Get a grip of an object; metal objects contain higher energy, so it’s a great way to start and practice. Close your eyes and focus on what you can intuitively get from the object what does it feel like. Sometimes you could see or hear things about who the object belongs to. 

11. Practice Giving Readings

One of the keys to becoming an excellent psychic or medium is to practice your abilities. Yes, you are working in increasing your vibration, connecting with your higher self, and getting guidance from spirit guides. Still, if you don’t get out there and put into work your abilities, there is no way for you to improve or know what you are capable of. 

So practice, perform readings on yourself, friends, or family. The more you practice, the easier it will become, and not only will you work on your psychic abilities, but it will become easier to understand and “read.”

12. Practice Seeing Auras

Seeing auras is one of the most common psychic abilities or intuitive abilities out there. Anyone, who puts their mind to it can see auras. Guide a friend and even yourself by standing in front of a plain colored or white wall, keeping them or yourself around eight feet away from the wall. Here you need to focus on the third eye area, on their forehead, and see through them what’s beyond their physical form. By doing this, the layers of their aura will start to show around their head. 

Anyone has an aura, humans have seven layers of auras, and they tell how they feel, this is like an energetic space, and they will vary in color depending on how intense the feelings are. They can look nice and vibrant, while some can look cracking and weak.

13. Practice Reading Old Family Photos

Another fun way to work on developing psychic abilities is to practice with old family photos, find an old album of your older siblings, and find pictures with other beings in it. Try to read them and write down everything you get from them. 

Activities like this one are great to work on our psychic development as we become more aware of our intuitive abilities. Sensing information and messages from visual things helps us closer to our spiritual self.

14. Practice Telepathy with a Friend

Practice telepathy with a friend, call them telepathically by holding their image and ask them to get in contact with you within one day. 

Send telepathy messages; you can also do this to practice your telepath skills, focusing on the receiver and visualizing them how they look like, where they are, if you are found distant from the receiver, holding an image helps to visualize them. 

Think of the message or what you want to send to the receiver, an image, a word, relax, and also your receiver should be relaxed and with a clear mind and to picture you with them.

Picture yourself in the same room, remember how you feel when you interact with this person. Embrace the feelings and emotions and create a bond with the receiver. The best way to start is by picturing an image or word as the message you want to send. 

Focus your mind into the message, the word or picture you chose, how it looks, how it makes you feel, again the emotions you receive from it will see the word or object in your mind’s eye. 

And once you have a clear picture of your message, imagine it traveling to the receiver’s mind. Picture yourself facing them and telling them the word without actually doing it. See how they receive your message. Let it flow and travel to the receiver and then ask the receiver what comes to their mind. What thoughts they received and then compare the results of what they got and the message you tried to send. 

15. Visit an Antique Store

Walking among old things with stories and high energy is another way to connect with what’s around us. That’s why antique stores are great ways to practice. 

Simply walking into an antique store, what your intuition feels or sense of the objects and beings in the store. Can you sense the soothing energy of a heavy one? Walk among the corridors, choose an object, try to read it, what can you sense of this object, do you have a vision, can you figure out its name?

This type of recurring activities will help your intuition and psychic abilities in a way that increases them and sharpens them.

  16. Learn to Listen Attentively to People

People tend to speak about different things or anything; in particular, everyone has different interests. But listening to people can be completely different from simply hear them. When we listen attentively, we can get changes in their mood and sense how specific topics and things affect them, maybe a crack on their voice, or tone.

17. Learn How to Control Your Abilities

We need to be able to understand that psychics abilities can overwhelm us sometimes, seeing things that aren’t there or sounds, so that’s why it is important to control our abilities and be able to decipher from things that are there and the ones that aren’t. Sometimes spirits try to communicate with us, and that’s when we need to be in tune with our psychic powers to know when a message is coming from them and not something that is happening at the moment.

18. Make a Symbol Book

Depending on what you are trying to use as your reading tool, it’s good to have a guide or a book with the information that comes to us. Usually, it comes in symbols; sometimes, they can have a specific meaning while sometimes they won’t. 

Using a nice journal to ask your spirit guides to help you, you will get symbols with different meanings, events, occupations, and try to connect every day things into symbols. This will help in your visions, so when you see or listen to something, you will be able to recognize the symbol to the meaning and have a clearer way to interpret the meaning of the vision you are given. 

This symbol book will work as a guide to understand information while you are working on your psychic abilities. These symbols will not always have a literal meaning, but they will help you to understand and have a better connection to your visions. 

If you are reading tarot cards, you could make a book about the symbols of the cards, what you see, what they mean. Write what the symbols mean to you.  

Get a tarot deck and use your intuition to decipher each card, what they mean, meditate using the cards and note down what you get from them. This not only helps you to increase your psychic abilities but to grasp a better understanding of this reading tool. 

19. Keep a Journal

As you work your way into your psychic abilities, many symbols will come in dreams, and it is good to write down anything that you see in your dreams, thoughts that you may have, and how things work for you. 

Spirit energy will come in your sleep. As you are working on your psychic abilities, your logical mind will stop second-guessing everything you see, and dreams will be more vivid and have more vague meanings that will make yourself question about it. This will work as an intuitive journey. 

This will help you learn more and get familiarized with symbols and interpret what you see, but it will also help you to connect with your higher self and your spiritual guides. 

When in need of extra help, when you have a situation that you can’t fulfill by yourself, we can relax and accept guidance from our spiritual guides, write those visual thoughts that come to our mind into a journal, and see what happens from it. 

20. Test Yourself

The only way to develop your psychic abilities is to test them, so test yourself by practicing. Sit with a friend and try to get a reading from them, or send a message, and work on your intuitive gifts by listening and being open to messages from spirits, pictures, smells, words, feelings, they can come in any way.

Meditate, practice your breathing, search for the unknown, and be open to learn and see what’s out there.

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