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How to Read Runes: How to Get Started

When we start getting into the divination world, there are different ways to cast and read, using tarot cards and rune casting are among the favorite ones. Which you could learn how to perform yourself with the right tools. From different runic alphabets such as the elder futhark, and younger futhark

Rune casting is a way of divination that gives us suggestions and guidance from our formulated questions. From rune layout to rune casting, each runestone has a different symbol, and each symbol has a different meaning, and that’s why it is not only essential to have the right materials, to begin with, but to master their meanings and symbols.

Whether you are trying to know how to read runes or looking for some information about it, you have come to the right place, and we will provide you with all the insight, so you can have a better idea of which type of rune casting ask for on your next reading.

Requirements for Reading Runes

Rune Stones

Runes are carvings made into stone, crystal, and wood, from a runic alphabet, these runes were used for protection and guidance, carved in houses, swords, and ships. Nordic and Germanic tribes used them. Each rune and symbol has a specific meaning and representation from the runic alphabet. 

You can buy runes online, and you can make your own, and find them in some psychic stores, same as tarot cards, they are used for divination. 

Runes help you to know what path to take, and they don’t provide clear answers, they work better as a suggestion in what to do next. Therefore their readings require great experience and association from the psychic to get a clearer understanding of it. 

Runestones are placed on a surface and thinking about the question you want answers to, you lay them out, or a psychic does it for you. From then, they can tell you different meanings or suggestions depending on the runes they got for you. 

Other online retail stores you can find runes are; etsy.com, they have a variety of runes you can choose from, so it’s great for those looking to do this on a longer-term. You could even find rose quartz rune sets, among other styles and materials they use online.

Rune Reading Sheet

A white cloth or rune reading sheet lets you put your rune stones as you get them out for the reading. It is required that it’s flat on a table or surface as it will make the reading easier and keep the runes clean. 

You can find different color and material of rune reading clothes used by many psychics as well as the ones that are available on the market for people who want to try rune casting by themselves, if you are looking to make this a habit is good to invest in a proper rune clothing or rune reading sheet, this will keep your runes clean and make sure they last longer. 

Whether you get a white sheet, rune reading sheet, or rune cloth, they all have the same purpose: to hold the runes and work as cover from the surface you chose to perform the reading (table or floor).

Rune Meaning Chart

For beginners, most rune kits come with a meaning chart for you to have an understanding of the individual meanings of each rune, depending on the alphabet you have purchased, as the symbols and meanings vary from one rune alphabet to the other. 

There are rune meaning charts for all alphabets, Viking rune chart, Anglo Saxon chart, and this will help you to get a better understanding of what each rune means individually before interpreting what they mean as a whole. 

Having a rune meaning chart doesn’t promise a clear understanding of the rune casting, as this is a skill that comes with years of practice and studies, the variation of meaning and interpretation are endless. 

Which means, with a lot of practice, you can be able to understand most of the meaning and get some useful insight from the runes. 

Location for Reading Runes

For rune casting or reading runes, you need to find a quiet place with night lighting or is currently sunny and facing the north. It could be an open space or next to a window. Lighter areas produce greater positive vibes, and this is what you need for a successful rune casting. 

Facing the north also improves the reading power, some people prefer reading at midnight for the witching hour, but the time you pick to do a reading should be one when you can be quiet and concentrate on the reading. Always facing north. 

 What to Ask from Runes

We should focus on questions that are specific, but not too open questions as what we will be receiving from the rune reading is more of guidance, instead of a direct answer. So we need to keep an open mind when asking something to the runes, suggestions, guidance, and help should be the type of answers and questions we should be making. 

Sometimes instead of questions, we want to know how to do something, what route to take, or how to approach a situation in our lives. Those types of questions are the ones we should focus on. As well as putting our energy towards the question when we are doing the casting, this will provide that same energy to the runes and make the reading clearer about what we are looking for. 

One thing to keep in mind, this is not a future telling, this is suggestions on how to approach things, so keep your mind open for what you will receive from them.

Different Types of Rune Readings

Daily Reading

Daily reading is just a simple question we ask the runes, and with just one rune, we get our guidance and approach to that question, issue, or topic.

You concentrate on your question or topic and from your rune bag, you take one single rune, and that should be your answer, you need to use your intuition and rune meaning chart to get the best understanding from it.  

The 3-Stone Spread

Another method used for running reading or rune casting is the three stone spread or three rune layout; this is a simple casting and is great for people who are getting into the art of rune casting. 

It consists of laying three runes which you will pick from your rune bag, and each rune should be picked by the energy you feel within the back, keeping your eyes closed and thinking about the question you want answers to. The runes should vibrate, or you should be able to identify the three most vibrant ones. 

After that, you place them in one exact order forming a line; you have left, right, and middle. The rune in the right will be the rune one, the middle one the second, and the left one the third. 

  • The first rune is your question on hand. What you asked the runes. 
  • The second rune represents a challenge that stops you from doing what you asked, receiving that, or getting there. 
  • And the third rune represents a possibility of a suggestion on how to deal with the situation, a path presented to you as a way to deal with the matter. 

 The Full Cast

This reading, instead of laying out the runes one by one as the previous ones focus on throwing them or gently tossing your runes out of your bag. 

This way of casting will help us in answers and guidance from past, present, and future, and we focus on our question, toss our runes on a rune cloth or rune reading sheet, and the ones facing upwards are the ones that contain the guidance and answer of our question. 

The Grid Spread

The grid spread is a fun and unique way of rune casting, and here we are placing our runes in a grid formation on top of our rune reading sheet, then concentrating on our question and passing our hand around the runes, we should feel some strong energy from the rune holding our answer. 

This means we are only going to pick one, and while it takes some time to get the right rune, we should not lose focus while doing it. Here the rune symbol will help us in getting the answer to our question.

The 5-Stone Cross

This is a more detailed reading, and here we are going to pick one stone at the time and place them like a stone, one and in the middle and one north, south, east, and west. We are getting the 5 stone cross. 

The first rune selected should be the center, the middle one, followed by rune two, which goes left to the center one (west side). The third rune will be placed north and the fourth one at the south, ending the cross with the fifth rune, which is placed at the east. 

At this point, you can choose how to reveal the runes, if you want to do it at the same time, or as you proceed with your reading, that will be more of a personal choice. 

Now how to read it, the three runes in the horizontal line, starting with our middle one, which is our first rune and rune two at the west and fifth at the east. This line here represents your past, present, and future. 

Rune fourth, which is in the south, express the obstacles or things that need to be understood from your question, issue, or situation. 

The third rune or the one on the north gives you a suggestion or something that could help you with your problem or issue. 

The 7-Rune Layout

The seven rune layout is one common method but not as popular as other ones, this one using just seven runes has four purposes. We are making a line with 6 runes first and placing one above the line. 

Reading from left to right, the runes will have a purpose and meaning in this reading, the first two runes at the left, (one and two) will explain the problem. The third and fourth rune will show how the past influenced the actual situation.

Fifth and sixth how should we act, what guidance are the runes giving you and the seventh, the one alone from the group is the outcome you could receive from the suggestion and the problem, this will change whether the rune is positive or negative, it is positive the result will also be. If it is negative the outcome should be negative as well.

The 9-Grid Layout

The nine is a magical number considered by Norse mythology. Therefore a nine rune casting makes sense. This one works to know where and how you are in the spiritual path, as well as some insight into what’s next in your spiritual path and other opportunities. You need to follow your intuition in order to decipher most of the reading. 

Before laying out the runes, you need to concentrate and rethink about your spiritual path. What have you done and achieved, then spread the runes into the rune sheet or rune cloth? 

How do we decide which runes are connected to our reading? It is said that those who are in the center and or touching each other are connected and may have an influence on each other, while those who are to the rears and far from the others have a less important influence in your reading. 

Any run facing up is an important one and requires your full attention, flip the remaining ones in your tablecloth, and read them. Without changing the position or placement of the runes, simply turn them and read them.

The flipped ones have a closer meaning to your path, while those upside-down reflect future influences and other possibilities. Focus on the meaning of the runes, what each of them means individually, and what they could mean as a whole. Use your intuition to get the best interpretation out of the reading. 

Another way to organize them is to make three rows with the runes, the bottom three will express past, and hidden influences,(left rune), past shown influences(rune in the center), and current feelings about ongoing events(right rune).

The center three, focus on the present, hidden influences, current ones, and current feelings about present situations. In the same order, left, center, and right rune. 

The top three, this one’s focus on our future, future hidden influences that will allow a positive outcome, best outcome, and how we will feel about that outcome. In the same order, left, center, and right rune. 

Tree of Life Layout

The tree of life layout is another way to read runes, this one uses 10 runes imitating a tree of life, set in two different rows, we organize a first row in the left side containing seven runes, and next to the second, third and fourth we will place another rune next to it. This should assemble to a tree of life.

Each row will have a meaning and will give us an answer or insight into a specific topic or question. 

For example, the first row, which should be composed of one rune, is about positive influences and accomplishments. And the second row, the first rune focuses on physical and mental feelings while the right one is about the present energy level.

  • The third row, the left rune, is new accomplishments, and the right one is moral code. 
  • The fourth row is about health and health concerns. While the fifth, which has two runes, the one on the left is about creativity and mind and the right love and concerns. 
  • The sixth row is imagination and direction, and the seventh and last row is about present influences about our well being and our home. 

 The Futhark Layout

The Futhark layout is saved for new year’s day, and it’s to obtain a full year resolution or set of answers. It is advised to keep a copy, photo, or record of the runes and reading for future references throughout the year. 

Here we use the whole set of runes; based in three rows, we will only use the 24 runes, and from there, we will be able to get an interpretation. Each line will mean something in the prediction of our year. 

  • The first row, the one on the left, consists of eight runes, and each one has an individual meaning. 
  • The first rune will dictate how you will do in money and prosperity. 
  • The second rune is how will be your physical health and inner strength. 
  • The third rune talks about your defense or destruction throughout the year. 
  • While the fourth one is about wisdom or inspiration. 
  • The fifth rune talks about what direction your life is taking, what path. 
  • And the sixth is future wisdom. 
  • Seventh, what skills you will learn and what gifts you will receive. 
  • And eight is the way you will get peace and happiness in the coming year. 

 Our second row, the middle one, reading from top to bottom. 

  • The first rune is the changes your life is taking in the coming future. 
  • The second rune is how or what you need to do to accomplish your goals. 
  • The third is what is going to stop you, any obstacle. 
  • And fourth, your success and achievements. 
  • Fifth, choices that need to be made and challenges. 
  • And sixth, skills that will come useful. 
  • Seventh, situations concerning life and death. 
  • And eight, your guidance energy. 

The third and final row, the one on the right is also read from top to bottom, the last 8 runes. 

  • The first rune focuses on legal affairs, while the second one is how will personal growth and beauty be obtained. 
  • The third rune will give you insight into the relationships for the new year and the fourth about social status. 
  • The sixth rune focuses on emotions and sexual influences, while seventh is how this balance will be achieved, and eight is the new wisdom and assets that you will get in the new year. 

As we can see, this is a full set of rune reading and is performed once a year, and gives us an insight of how the year is going to look for us in all aspects, responding with one rune each question and giving us suggestions on how everything will work out. 

Final Verdict: How to Read Runes 

Reading runes can be a fun way to get yourself into the divination world, as well as tarot cards are. Still, with proper training and practice, you should be able to perform a full casting, as you can see reading and understanding the possible meaning of each rune in reading isn’t as easy as it seems, even with a rune chart, it might take some time. 

That’s why if you are looking for professional insight on this, it’s best to trust an expert. Several websites offer rune casting among their psychic services.

Websites like: 

  • Kasamba, an online service that provides casting by phone, chat, and email, and their fee range from $2.49 per minute with 3 free minutes with each advisor. 
  • Oranum, they do readings by video and charge from $0.99 per minute, with some giving 1-3 minutes for free. 
  • Psychic light is another great place to get a rune reading, they do it over the phone, and their fees start from $.150 per minute, they have several options and psychics from which you could choose. 

And for those trying a daily or one rune casting, Eye of the psychic offers a one rune free reading, just by clicking a button you will get a rune casting, it might not be as certain as other readings, but it might give you some good insight. 

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