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List of Psychic Abilities and Powers

There are countless psychics abilities that people have admitted experience in their lifetime. Some of them are yet unable to explain by science, but most of them come to some of us in a way that is quite hard to explain. Whether you have experienced something that you can’t control or define, you might want to look at our psychic abilities list. 

Psychics have developed some of these abilities, and most are used to help people find guidance on their lives or send and receive messages from passed members. Some of those abilities can be used in divination like aura reading, and hear or see things from the spirit world. 

Having psychic abilities doesn’t mean they have superpowers or something like that; it goes beyond that, we can call them gifts by the spirits and that some people are lucky to develop more than others. 

Many people have lived experiences, and even some may have one of these abilities but haven’t practiced or developed them to the fullest. So check out our list and learn more about the different psychic abilities that exist out there. 

17 Different Psychic Abilities

Astral Projection

People with astral projection have the ability to travel or separate their bodies from their spirit; these people can travel to places while their bodies are still resting back in the place from where they started their journey. For example, someone is at their home, and by doing astral projection, their spirit leaves their body and can go anywhere it desires or places where it has been before. 

Some people have said that they leave their bodies while they sleep, which is sometimes explained as an out of body experience. And some people have claimed to live something similar while under hypnosis and meditation. 

Aura Reading

Aura reading is a more common psychic ability; it allows people to see and read the current state of someone’s aura, which leads them to know how this person is feeling and even know whether this person has good or bad intentions. 

Some people have the sense that they can decipher if someone is good or bad and even know the state of mind of a person just by what they perceive. Sometimes it could be confused by aura reading. People can read the aura of animals, objects, and other humans; the color or vibrations can sense that someone emits. Recently there are ways even to photograph auras.

Automatic Writing

They are also known as psychography is the possibility that some people have to produce written words. These words are not thought of and come from their subconscious or a spirit source. Over the years, it has been applied to how people study varied personalities. And sometimes, it is believed that automatic writing comes from the ideomotor effect. 

When we let our subconscious create written words, we can come up with things that we may have never thought about before or have knowledge of. Some authors have claimed to create their books just by automatic writing. An example of this is William S. Burroughs with his bestseller, Naked Lunch. 

This can be the product of dreams or, as some say, our subconscious being taken by another being. 


These are known as spiritual translators, people with the abilities that allow them to communicate with angelic beings, spirits, and animals included. They can see and hear communication between other beings and then translate them into spoken words. 

The channeler receives the message not by words but by emotions that are translated then into words, as the human language can sometimes be clumsy and nonefficient in the channeling. And this can also be described as when a spirit can take someone’s body to communicate a message. 

In other words, channelers are spirit guides, and people given the knowledge from the spirit realm, those with a sensitivity to hear voices and sense messages to help people in our world.


Divination could be one of the most common psychic abilities. There are several tools for it, and all of them have the same purpose and result. The main wish is to have some insight on our futures, know how a choice could develop and what could happen to us in the future.

Divination has existed for centuries; people have foretold events by dreams and divination tools and methods. Such as Astrology, crystal reading, tarot cards, runes, tea leaves, numerology, and more. bones reading 

Energy Healing

Spiritual healing or energy healing is a psychic power that is used in alternative medicine, when some symptoms and illness that can be cured by traditional medicine, in this practice the healer is someone who can sense by vibrations the conditions of the patient and recognize where the problem is located. 

The healers work by transferring healing energy into the patient and fixes the flow of energy of the patient’s body. This works with anything that is triggering the patient’s body, mind, and soul. 

Usually, the conditions treated by an energy healer illness were caused by something that triggered the regular flow of their energy, which provokes illness or condition.

Different energy healing techniques are used to heal or fix the flow of someone’s energy.


This healing technique helps release stress and pain from a person’s body, it works at different points of the body, and it has proven to work where traditional medicine can’t. By introducing needles into the person’s skin, and it balances the body’s energy or a neurological effect. 

This technique is searched by those with unbearable pain and illness and will not only cure the illness or source of pain but also improve the patient’s well-being. It helps not only pains but blood pressure, headaches, and other illnesses.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing technique crystals use the crystal’s energy to eliminate any blocks or impurities from the body that are causing pain to the patient. Each crystal has a different purpose in the healing process and attacks different areas of the body. 

The crystal will redirect energy and help the body heal.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing techniques that use prana or the life force energy of the patient’s body to accelerate the flow and heal the physical body. In this technique, the healer doesn’t touch the patient, and no traditional medicine is used; just by the use of hands movements and crystals, the healer will relieve the body from anything that is shielding the regular energy flow and release with it any physical or mental pain. 

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing of touch is a way of mind-body medicine that uses chi, life force, or prana to heal our body and mind. By focusing our thinking int healing someone, we can do it by what is called quantum thinking. 


This practice, based on a combination of movements, breathing, and meditation, has been used by the martial arts and is known for helping in health and balancing the body’s energy.

It’s practiced all around the world for relaxation, self-healing and recreation is well known as yoga which also helps practitioners to reach that peace of mind. Qigong helps people with cancer and hypertension. 

Reiki Healing

This technique mixes traditional medicine and symbols that work as a medium to use the energy of the universe and heal the patient. Reiki is a Japanese compound word, which means ‘Rei’ God’s wisdom’, while ‘Ki’ means ‘energy’. 

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a martial art practice that helps in defense training that combines mind, body, and spirit that can be used for self-defense. But this art is known to connect the body and balance the energy and heal our bodies. This practice helps focus our mind, relaxing our breathing, and healing our bodies. 

Anyone can practice this art, and even if it requires some skills, it’s good for the body and easy to learn. It has long term health benefits, and that’s why it’s so famous nowadays by mixing breathing techniques with breathing, it feels like a modern way of meditating.


Intuition can be defined as the ability to know things that you don’t know; usually, people with this ability receive knowledge that they have never heard of before, it is also known as the gut feeling, that being or energy that pushes you to do something, it is one of this psychics ability that comes like an extrasensory perception that we receive from the spirit world.

Intuition is blamed on our consciousness as it sees and remembers things that sometimes we are not even aware of. So the intuitive mind works while we are not reasoning because if we reason too much or think things deeply, we push away our intuitive mind. 


The psychic ability that makes objects float or bodies for a short period without any mechanism or help remains in a position as they levitate.

Remote Viewing

This is the type of technique that people can learn; it allows you to see and learn information about a place, person, or event while you are afar from it. Using extrasensory perception with your mind, you can perceive images of the place, person, or event you are focusing your mind into. Sometimes compared with clairvoyance as you can see things that aren’t close to you. 


Precognition is a vision a foreseen of a situation that has yet not happened; you see things happening before they do as a tragic event, these visions are sometimes provided by the touch of an object or direct contact with a person. 

Some people receive these visions in the form of dreams and then experience them in real life, which sometimes we call Deja Vu and that have been claimed to be precognitions. 

Psychic Surgery

It is the ability to perform surgery with bare hands without the need to cut or perform any incision that claims to heal, remove, and repair parts of the body. This technique has been referred to as producing the placebo effect with positive results, and it is common in the Philippines and Brazil. 


This technique gives visions to the practitioner that can read objects and receives visions and associations by touching an object. You could tell the history of the object by simply contacting it. Practitioners claimed to be able to sense the energy that surrounds the object and with the people that interacted with it through its origin. 


A famous technique that is common in movies, books, and games, fortune tellers that uses crystal balls or a reflective surface to tell the future. This ancient art of revelation provides images and visions through the reflecting surface. 


The ability to know information about an event that one has not lived or experienced is called retrocognition, also known or as it is translated as backward knowing, this information is known to be provided by spiritual guides by perceptions of past events. 


This psychic ability that grants someone the power to interact with the physical field of an object using the mind, you could move and manipulate objects and matter. Affecting the objects, and it’s a psychic field without any physical contact.


This ability’s what we know as reading people’s minds or sending metals without producing any words. The transfer of a message from one person to another without any channels, just by focusing on our message and the other person receiving the idea, image, word, or message that was intended. 

Instinctual Telepathy

The least common type of telepathy is common in the animal kingdom; it allows us to sense the feelings and needs of another person usually close or far from you. We perceive the other person’s feelings and needs.

The Six Clairs

Commonly known as our gut reaction, instinct or a unique way to know things is mostly connected to the six clairs, the ability to sense other’s people feelings, see things, hear them or even smell them is part of the abilities that many humans have and sometimes not being aware of the possession of them. These techniques can be identified and improved by constant practice. 

Each Clair is part of our normal senses, hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling, and smelling. 


This Clair is the ability to be able to sense smells without their original source being near us; this is linked to being able to sense spirits near us, and sometimes messages that are sent by certain smells and memories that are triggered by them. 


This Clair is linked to our hearing, and it gives us signals using sounds, music, and words in our mind’s voice. 


The psychic ability to know things that we shouldn’t, for example, a future event that is about to happen, and even things from the past, which we didn’t experience, messages, and information that spirits give us and things that we just get to know. 


Being able or having tasted things that aren’t in your mouth, like tasting honey when you haven’t consumed it recently, is a perception or sensibility to tasting clear tasting. 


This is what we consider as agile empathy, being able to sense other’s people’s pain and emotions. Even being able to sense the mood of a room and the good and negative feelings from places and people are linked to this Clair. 


Images and visions that we receive from the past, present, and future, could come in a regular dream or like a flash vision as a vivid dream during the day. 


Anyone can be gifted with one of the psychic powers listed above; it’s up to you to practice them and improve your psi powers with daily practice you can become more intuitive and connected with your spiritual self which will allow you to access that extrasensory perception and receive information, feelings, and images of things and people that you may not have met yet.

Find out which of these abilities you have been granted with and if you are interested in knowing what awaits for you or what path to take there are always experts out there who can help you practitioners psychics that can provide us with an online reading to help us find not just our purpose but to find the right path in our life, sometimes there are questions to which we cant get to finds the answers and psychics can help us see things clearly.

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