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Questions to Ask a Psychic

When considering visiting a psychic, we always think about what questions to ask the psychic. Today we are helping you with a list of questions that you can ask the psychics, which will assure you a great experience while getting the most of your psychic reading.

First, you need to focus on what you want to know, once you figure that out, and know when and which psychic you are having your reading with. You should try to point your questions and reading towards that, it can be about your love life, future, family, health, career, or other important things to you, even guidance in a choice that could improve your life.

Why Going for a Psychic Reading?

This is the first thing you need to think about before booking your psychic, think about the reason you are doing this, and what is concerning your life, is it your career? Is it your family or health? Or do you want to know if love is coming into your life any time soon? Or are you curious about what the future holds for you?

People have many reasons of why they choose to have a psychic reading and all of them are valid, some people visit psychics for guidance they want to know which path to take and which is the right choice for their life, so don’t be afraid or don’t worry about if your reason is a valid one because it is.

Psychics can receive messages and guidance from spirit guides, which are excellent ways to get help and guidance.

The best way is to get your questions ready before the reading, that way you are sure the reading goes in the direction you want and not into other routes, keep your questions clear and focus on them, so you can spend your time wisely, remember most readings are by the minute or hour, so you want to keep it short. In contrast, you get the most out of it.

Think about what concerns you, is it the past, the present, or the future? Once you figure that out, you can make your list of what you are going to ask your psychic.

What Type of Questions Should I Make?

Open-ended questions are the right type of questions to ask your psychic. This will provide a yes or no answer, which is what you want from your psychic.

If you are looking for direct and clear answers to your questions, open-ended questions are the right way to go, if you choose close-ended questions, the answers you will receive might not be the ones you are looking for, as they are short and don’t provide as many details as you wish.

Whenever we visit a psychic, we expect answers with details or information that serve as guidance. If you get yes and no answers, these are limited and won’t help you as much as you wanted to.

Make sure to make open-ended questions so the psychic can also gather information from spirits guides and provide you longer and more accurate answers to your questions and concerns. Keep in mind if you have a tarot reading to also go for open-ended questions, so the information and guidance given will be more helpful to you later on.

Avoid Being Too Specific

When we are too specific, we might give some insight to the psychic, so you want to provide just enough information and keep your questions open so the information the psychic gathers from the spirit guides are enough to help you with your concern.

Being specific is great as you will get an answer that will match your questions, and your psychic won’t go around or give you vague answers. Avoid questions such as: How can I get a raise in my job? Or when will I meet my soulmate, this type of question could end up to close answers or too vague information.

Instead, if you use vague questions such as, should, I look for another job? What could happen if I take this opportunity? This type of question, different than too specific, is better to help you get a good reading.

Keep your questions open-ended, ask What steps are the best one to get a better job, than ask when will I get a new job. Open questions will help your reading, whether it is about your love life, your career choices, or the future.

Don’t Repeat Your Questions

When you make a question, but you don’t receive the answer desire, repeating or rephrasing your questions won’t give you a different answer. Instead, you will be wasting your time trying to get answers for a question that was already made.

Not all your questions, whether they are opened or end closed ones, will receive specific answers, some questions will come with little vague answers or hard to understand, maybe later you will understand the meaning of the answer, while at the moment it’s hard to get it.

So, try not to pressure your psychic and stay with the answer they give you instead of looking for what you think will be the right answer for your question, as sometimes by trying to please the client, psychics tell you precisely what you want to hear which could end up with you being disappointed later on.

That’s why it’s essential to keep an open mind when you go to get a psychic reading, due to you will not always hear what you want to hear. By keeping an open mind, you get the best of the experience, and even when some answers don’t make sense at the moment, it could help you in the future.

Stay Away from Hard to Answer Questions

Even though we want to have our questions answered, there are some questions to which we are not ready to hear, so it’s better to stay away from them.

Some topics can be a little too sensitive, and the answer may affect us more than we think they will, such as questions about relationships and career-wise.

Stay after any topic that you are not sure about how you will deal with a different answer than expected, so the experience is as great as possible. It’s unnecessary to ask everything to the psychic, keep your questions smart so you can leave with a good understanding.

Example of questions to ask a psychic

If you still aren’t sure what type of questions to ask your psychic on your next reading, some questions could help you with that directed to your career, love life, family, and relationships.

Questions to Ask a Psychic About Your Career

When asking about your career as we learned before, it’s good to keep it too open-ended questions that way, and you will receive excellent information and helpful to what you want to know.

  • What path should I take in my career?
  • Am I making the right choice?
  • What should I expect from my job or career?

Making this type of question will get you long answers with enough details to help you with them.

We go to psychics because we want advice in our lives, and knowing about our career is sometimes what we go there in the first place, we seek answers.

Therefore, our questions not only guide us but make it clear for us in the long run, knowing if we are in the right path, knowing what things might affect our current decisions as our psychics give us insight in our past and future and how we might benefit from our current choices or future ones.

Whether we will be successful or what things our current career will bring us, that’s the type of question that helps you when you go to a psychic reading. It’s also good to know how our future be affected by our current choices and if our careers are the right ones to get us that success we all want to achieve at some point in our lives.

Will you be facing a loss in your job? Is there something you should do differently? This type of question will help you and is the type of one you should ask during a psychic reading.

Remember to omit as much information as you can, don’t give it all too easy to the psychic to get a fair answer to your questions.

Questions About Your Love Life

When asking your psychic questions about your love life, we should keep them open-ended and not specific.

If you already have a relationship, you will probably ask whether there is a future with your current partner or someone else coming into your life.

Ask about what things are good to know about your love life. This way, you will get some insight into what could happen in the current present or future.

When making your love life questions keep an open mind, the information that you will get not always seems to fit right in, but sometimes it isn’t about what’s happening but about what is going to happen in the future. Avoid repeating the same questions and asking when or who questions, this won’t be helpful, and the psychic will just try to please you with vague or answers that might not be right to you.

Remember that you will not always get the type of answer you are looking for, so don’t let that intimidate you or change your experience, psychics connect with the spirit guides and by the cards they get or the divination tool they use.

If you still don’t have a partner, you could make open questions such as what to do to find love if your current actions will lead you to find your mate. We all want to know about that special one, and getting some insight about it will brighten up anyone’s day.

Questions About Your Family and Other Relationships

Not everyone has a great relationship with family, and some have a weak one, so if that’s something that is concerning you and even helped you to take the chance with a psychic, then you should ask about how to improve your relationship with your father, sister, brother, or even your mother.

Family is an essential piece of our lives, and even when we are not the ones who caused the damage, there might be an excellent way to fix everything and have a healthy or healthier relationship with those who are supposed to stay by you even in the bad days.

Some people ask if they would have children, or whether they would be good parents, this is a closed-ended question, but sometimes people just want to know. Hopefully, the answer you get to this type of question is the one you desire.

Our friends who are our chosen family are also a good reason why people go to psychics, how to fix a broken friendship, or if their current friends are life-lasting ones or ey can trust. Something to know is that there are friendships that are not meant to last, so sometimes even the spirits cant help us there, and the same happens with past relationships, not everything that is broken can be fixed, an open mind and open heart will be your best guide when having a reading, as most answers are not always what we want to hear.

  • What should I do to fix or make better my current relationship with (insert your family member, friend, or acquaintance?

What to Remember When Thinking of What to Ask a Psychic

Keep it simple, clear, and precise. Take advantage of your time and keep an open mind to what you are going to hear, remember questions that are too specific may be hard to answer and won’t give you as much information as you might be expecting.

If you are not sure what type of questions to ask, think about what you want to know or open the session with an open-ended question such as what questions can I ask to get guidance in my life/love life/ career/ or with my relationships.

This will give you questions that you weren’t even considering asking.

Take advantage of your reading, as it’s an opportunity from which you will receive information that is meant to help you in your choices and the path of your life.

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