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What Are Runes? The art of rune casting.

Runes – the symbols in the shape of letters that we can find on fantasy and fiction tv shows, movies, and even books. These symbols recall to older eras where they provided with protection, guidance and had different meanings.

Nowadays, they work as a tool for divination, and many psychics experts on this practice can use them to provide us outcomes, answers, and actions to take in order to achieve a goal or get answers to our questions.

Carved in stones, wood, crystal, and other materials, runes were used as charms and talismans and are now used like tarot cards for readings or could be worn like a charm giving the user the power that the rune holds.

What Are Runes?

Runes are a set of 24 stones from wood, crystal, stone, or metal and have carved symbols that represent letters. 

Each symbol or character comes from an alphabet originated in Germanic times, with records as early as the 150 AD. Used as a form of the alphabet to write messages and crave protection symbols. 

In every rune set, there is a blank one known as Odin, who was the Norse God who is believed to have gifted the runes to the world. 

Many novels, series, and books have used runes to provide protection, guidance, and help in knowing what the future holds. No way to know when they began to be used, runes have been known to hold magical powers since the early centuries AD. 

The mention of runes can be found in history as many weapons were covered in them and also in folk poems and texts. 

Runes were used for divine purposes many centuries ago, and they even are records of them being used in the Roman Era. The word Runes comes from variations of words meaning whisper, something hidden, and mystery. 

Being found on stones, bones, wood, crystal, and other hard surfaces. Each rune has its meaning, and Elder Futhark is the oldest runic alphabet and, on its name, contains the first letter of it. It wasn’t used as a divination tool until later on. 

It used to be the main alphabet for many germanic languages, before the Latin alphabet.

How Old Are Runes? / The Origin of Runes

Runes are found in history as early as 150 AD. They originated as an old language and were later replaced by the Latin runes. Runes worked as part of an alphabet and until later centuries were the only form of the alphabet used and known in some areas of the world. 

Carved in hard surfaces during the Viking ages, runestones are found in Germanic Speaking countries, like Iceland and Scandinavia, for divination and magical purposes.

The Norse culture was more a society of oral than written skills. Old tales were passed down from generations orally. They were familiar with the runic alphabet, and it was mainly used for memorial purposes. Other than runic inscriptions, they used runic for business purposes, to express love, prayers, jokes, and gags.

From using runes to name places and things, provide protection, call luck and fortune, as well as divination. They were also used to influence the weather, the seed, tides, health, and love. Even ones use to affect fertility, death, and birth. They were carved on cups, amulets, the bow of Viking ships.

Fehu, with the symbol F, not only is the first letter of the Elder Futhark but also means domestic cattle or wealth. It was carved into materials to grant the properties of the meaning of the runes. 

Other known runic alphabets or script found are the Younger Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and Medieval Futhark. Each symbol has a similar usage than our alphabet, but each symbol has its specific meaning from words like joy, need, elk, horse, and more. 

They can be found variations in the runic scripts like when they started appearing, when they were stopped used, the rune meanings, and the usage they gave it.

Runes were still used after the medieval period, influenced by Latin. They were taking a different name, Dalecarlian runes or Dalrunes.

Runes made their way into modern paganism and can be found in a fantasy context.

What are runes used for?

Runes are used as guidance, and they help you know which direction to go for when you are found in problematic or difficult situations. They don’t give clear answers but are like a pattern or variables that can be read to know how to act. 

Viking runes were used to cast the future or family fortunes. LIke the Futhark alphabet known for its first six letters, which can remind you of the runic script used in Lord of the rings.

Runes were used for decorative purposes. And most of the time were used as charms, amulets, and shields to conceal secret messages. The runic alphabet has always been used to provide protection and healing. They could be found in houses, weapons, and ships, among other objects and surfaces.

Later on, runes were used for divination and to predict the future. Rune reading gained popularity in the last centuries as metaphysics and spirituality became a thing.

The runes were known for their protective purposes, and that’s one of the reasons we can find amulet, charms, and talismans with runes carved on them.

There were runes for protection as well as the rune for love, a rune for luck as many others. And were carved into items to provide the owner the power. 

Runes as a Divination Tool

Runes are written in vertical lines, or in a curve from them. They can be written both from left to right and right to left. Asymmetrical characters depending on the direction of the writing.

And each rune represents a phoneme, had a name coming from a noun. That’s why there are regional and temporal variations in the shape of the letters from the different runic alphabets.

Like other divination objects, for example, tarot cards, there is something called rune casting or reading runes. Which is a way to read runes symbols for someone who is seeking for answers? 

It’s a popular method of divination, and there are different kinds of runes stones depending on the alphabet you choose from or that the psychic uses. 

What methods are used to rune casting or rune reading?

One of the most common methods of rune casting or rune reading is to think of something you want an answer to, in any moment of your life, past, present, or future, and pick a rune from the bag and that should be your answer. 

Another method is to place to toss the runes into a surface while focusing on what you want to know. The rune that stands out should be the answer to your question. 

There are different ways to proceed with a rune reading from focusing on your question while passing your hands above the runes. The one with the strongest energy is your answer and lining up three runes which will be an answer from the past, present, and future in that specific order. 

So, as long as you are open and focused while going through a psychic reading, you should clearly predict what the future holds. 

So from the one, three, five, or nine rune cast or layout. They all try to represent your past, present, and future. And sometimes focus on the overview, challenge, and actions that could be taken for your question or query.

Intuition and your interpretation are the best way to understand the possibility laid out by the runes.

Example of runes casting and their meaning are: 

Fehu / Feoh / F (Wealth): Success, happiness, fertility, abundance. 

Ansuz / Os / A (Mouth): SPeech, blessing, wisdom, gaining, insight.

Raidho/ R (Ride)-Legs; travel, moving, change in lifestyle, vacation, journey.

What Can We Ask the Runes?

It can vary, you could ask about your problems and issues. Some people ask a clear question and focus on what you want to know about it. 

Remembering that you are not going to know the future or a defined prediction from this, you will receive causes and effects or potential outcomes. Open questions or how to act, work better when asking something to the runes, instead of specific ones. 

With the stones having different meanings, reading them isn’t as simple as one would think. Due to each rune has a variety of possible meanings. And that’s why sometimes they can be misread and get a wrong answer to the implied question.  

When (and why) Did Psychics Start Using Runes?

Runes have been found in many periods throughout history, so it’s kind of hard to know when they were first used. Still, more were found to have protection and magic used instead of divination tools. But, Runes can be found in many eras of our history. 

And because of the different scripts, languages like the elder futhark, younger futhark, and the Anglo-Saxon futhorc, all of which are found in different eras. It’s hard to know when exactly were they used for divination.

Psychics choose to use runes, as they have their own meaning, which sometimes happens with tarot cards. Runes provide vague answers, which may sound like a negative thing. It isn’t. 

Runes connect with the person’s energy, whether you are getting online or physical reading. Runes connect with you and the question you make. Psychics use them because by providing unclear answers, the talents of the psychics are enhanced, which makes the reading more personal and deeper than regular ones where people get a clear or specific answer. 

Where Can I Find Psychics that Work with Runes?

Finding where to get a rune casting or rune reading may be hard as not everyone has psychics in their town or nearby. Many online places offer the service, so instead of driving for several hours (Which is still possible). You can still get a reading from the comfort of your home. 

Some good places that offer this service can be Kasamba, an online platform where you can video chat with live psychics, offer different reading methods, and offer services 24/7. 

They charge by the minute, and the range goes from $0.99 per minute. (Some psychics offer from 1-3 first minutes free of the reading)

Other good places to get rune readings, as well as other services, are Oranum, which is a spiritual community with varied services, including rune reading.

Psychic LIght, offer their services by phone and charge from $1.50 per minute. They are a trusted site with psychic readings. It’s a rare find on their site, but you could get with someone who offers rune reading. 

If you are not looking to pay for a reading, there is one last option that can help you with that for free.

Eye of the Psychic. 

This site offers free rune readings with the click of a mouse. Focus on the question you want guidance with. Hit the Draw Odin’s Rune hover button, and you will get one rune with its meaning and suggestion of what to do under the circumstances of your question. 

It’s a fun service, may not be as deep as a psychic reading, but is worth the try. 

Can I Try to Read Runes Myself?

Of course, anyone can try to read runes. However, it can be hard to get a clear answer as runes have many meanings; it can be hard to get it right. 

You can buy a set of runes and try to read from the booklet that comes included. But there is always a chance to misread the runes as they have multiple meanings. With tutorials or more detailed books, you could understand the meaning of a rune layout.

This is not a skill that can be taken lightly or that it is easy to learn. It takes time and practice to master it.

That’s why it is better to get a good reading using any method or divine tool. It is best to book an appointment with a psychic or find an online portal to get a proper rune reading and get the answers to your questions.

Let an expert, in this case, a psychic, do it for you. 

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