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What is Psychic Healing? Psychic and Spiritual Healing Techniques

Psychic healing is the process of finding medical or emotional issues that regular doctors and professionals can’t find or help with. Sometimes we go through situations that are hard to explain.

We are surrounded and filled with life force energy; it connects to energy fields and flows through our bodies in what is known as chakras. Sometimes our energy streams can get out of balance, and it can affect us on different levels.

Causing mental, emotional, and physical issues, some of those are hard to be treated by regular medicine.  

And that’s when psychic healing comes in, by helping the body and energy field to find the problem and helping the person together with their energy field in the process. 

Psychic healing will not only help us with an unknown condition, but its point is to balance our spiritual energy with our mental and physical to soothe and somehow fix us. It is helping us to become ourselves. 

Also, it helps us to clean and heal our energies. It could come with different techniques from transferring our energy into someone else’s body, among others. These techniques help the flow of our energy in our bodies that provoke physical, mental, and emotional traumas. 

Being a personal process, each healer uses different methods to help with it. Some involve physical contact while others don’t. They are linked to the healer’s spirituality. 

Both Psychics and spiritual healing techniques aim to make people feel better and regain control of their bodies through a cleansing process eliminating any blocked energy or emotional baggage. Trusting the mind to help the body heal. 

Different Types of Psychic Healers

Psychic Healers

A Psychic healer is someone who works as the channel or guide of spirit and can identify traumas in our energy and spirit. 

These psychics psychically connect with their clients, being able to read their energies, using high intuition and psychic abilities to understand what is going on with us, and how to help us. 

By finding flaws and blocks in our energy stream, helping with medical and emotional issues that regular doctors can’t help us with. Psychic healers understand what’s going on, and they help our energy and our bodies to heal. 

They are helping from anything like anxiety, stress, toxins, blood circulation, and others. Not only do they clear energy streams, but they help us find relief and help us feel better. 

Psychics not only help you with energy flows, but they see beyond that and can read what might be blocking our energy’s stream.

Spiritual Healers

Spiritual healers also are known as shamans are healers that use the universe energy or universal healing force that comes from them and transfers to the client, this spiritual force part of the third realm heals the body and mind. 

Spiritual healers work as the conduct of that spiritual light, and they use invisible and unseen to help people heal. 

They restore and balance our spirit, energy, and soul. They are reconnecting with our true selves while others work to reconnect our body, heart, mind, and soul. 

You could find different spiritual healing processes: Body, heart, mind, soul, or all of them. Emotional healing, mental, soul, and holistic healing. The technique used to help with your spiritual healing will depend on your struggle or current issue.

Spiritual healers are not more than spirit guides, that uses the life force to help us feel better. By using healing energy to make us feel better

Near to the Body Healers

One of the most common and requested psychic healing methods is that it doesn’t require any physical contact between the patient and the psychic healing or any other instruments or objects. 

In this method, the healer places their hands above the patients’ body and moves them slightly around their body without making any direct contact with them. 

This helps the patient’s energy be manageable and that the healer can help it recover or fix the energy streams that might affect the patient’s current energy flow.

Not necessary to place the hands on the part or place that needs psychic healing or like the magnetic technic where the healer uses direct contact, so their auras blend and are able to transfer their energy.

In this technique, the healer does transfer positive energy into the patient’s body. Still, he only helped the near touch by hovering his hands above the patient’s body to do so, finding the area that needs his attention and using psychic healing energy to fix it.

Distant Healers

Even if it is called a distant healing process, it doesn’t mean that the healer and patient are separated by miles. Instead, they are in the same room. But within a distance greater than the one applied in near to the body where the healer places its hand above the patient’s body. 

Distance healing is this energy healing method that uses the life force of the universe where the healer works as the conduct and uses it to heal the recipient; in this case, the patient. This means that it can be used even without the healer physical present to receive it.

This helps to cope with the anxiety of having someone above you or their hands too close and not touching, and this is a good method for people new to the healing process and also for those who prefer not being touched, it’s still effective and provides positive results same as other contact healing processes. 

Absent Healers

In this technique, divine intervention is required to help in healing the body and mind of the patient. Usually, this type of psychic healing is performed by religious leaders, through prayers and rituals and the frequent use of a healing book with people who need healing and the healer process to chant their names for a process that can last more than 10 minutes consistently. 

In this technique, there is no need for a healer to be present; it’s sometimes called distance healing. They are using energy that can go anywhere by focusing the positive energy towards the person that needs healing. The same way healers do when the patient is in the same room as them.

This works the same way as the direct contact healing process, and it can be performed to anyone, no matter in which part of the globe they are located. Just the healers’ intention and the life force energy to be used and directed at the recipient for it to do its work.

Pranic Healers

Pranic healing is a fresh technique that focuses on the body’s life force and uses it to heal the body’s energy. It cleans the toxicity out of a person’s body and aims for physical healing. 

This healer works with the life force of the universe or ki and passes that energy into the patients’ body, helping them heal from within. 

By healing the energy heal and change, it helps people change as well, making their creativity and success rates improve.

Pranic healing is a great technique that not only helps sick people but to anyone. This healing technique helps us gain control over our lives and how we deal with daily events.

Trance Healers

The trance healing method puts the patient into a trance state, and in that state is easier for the healer to perform energy transfers easily into the patient’s body. 

This method of spiritual healing uses energy that comes from the spirit. Healers connect to the spirit world, making them a medium or in-between person, a channel for the healing energy that comes from the spiritual world and transfers it to the client.

This is a delicate procedure, so it requires the patient to be aware of everything going on to help them heal, and sometimes more people participate in it. 

This technique is great for spiritual self healers, but it can also be used to help friends and clients.

Methods of Psychic Healing

Crystal Healing

With the help of crystal and stone, you can conduct a cleansing process that will draw negative energy and any other impurities from your body. 

Placing the stones and crystal in different parts of the body and letting them work should remove any unbalance in your body, mind, and energy. 

This helps with emotional and spiritual problems, removing anything that may affect our mental or physical wellbeing. 

Reiki Healing

The Reiki Healing method uses traditional medicine to help someone get through issues together with energy or the ki. 

Other than traditional medicine, Reiki healing works with movement techniques and symbols that channelize the energy of the universe in healing the body from cold flu, head, and stomachaches. It even can be useful to help with heart diseases. 


This traditional Chinese medicine technique works by inserting thin needles on the patient’s skin at specific points on the body with different depths. 

Acupuncture balances the flow of life force. It relieves pain and other illness like stress. It helps low back pain, neck, knee, and headaches, as well as strong migraines. 

First, you lie down on your back or side, depending on where the acupuncturist tells where they are going to be inserted. With every needle inserted, the patient feels relieved through its body. 

Bringing a slight pain that goes away quickly, with little heat or electricity, needles are stimulated before being inserted, and they can be inserted from 5 to 30 minutes.

Quantum Healing

This other healing process uses the principle of resonance and entertainment. Measuring the energy in our bodies with our breathing and by seeing the energy flow. 

Quantum touch is a method that uses energy healing, a holistic practice that helps remove blocks and help the immune system heal the body. 

Online Psychic Healers


Kasamba is an excellent online psychic website that offers a great variation of psychic readings online – focusing on spiritual healing readings, among other techniques.

Experts that have worked with thousands of clients and with the right experience to provide a clear and useful reading to help you heal your energy while also getting some insight about your life on the process.

Each psychic has reviews. You can check and help you decide who is there right one for you.

So take advantage of the freedom of being able to get spiritual guidance when you need it. Don’t overwhelm with all the emotions or blocks of energy you might deal with.

Spiritual healing is good for anyone out there. The great thing is you can get the first three minutes for free from their tops psychics.


Another great site that offers online readings and psychic as well as spiritual healing is keen, and they offer from readings and spiritual readings to help you with any emotional or psychical problem.

Their rates go from $1.99 a minute, you could get a chat reading, and they also offer calls reading.

A great platform with high ratings, great reviews from their clients, and a good range of psychics you can choose from.

Psychic Source

Starting as low as $1 per minute. You can choose from live chat, phone, or video readings. They’ve worked for over 30 years and have experienced psychics.

With a find a psychic tool by answering a couple of questions, it matches you with a specialist that meets your needs and situation.

They are not just a good online psychic website, they have helped many communities and offer readings in English and Spanish.


Psychic healing is more than what is out there, and sometimes we go through certain things that we can figure out whether it is psychical or emotional. And these specialists are worth given a chance to help us out.

Humans experience a lot of things throughout our lives, and without noticing it could affect our energy, our wellbeing, and a true psychic healer can be the right answer to our problems. Someone who is let by spirit guides and using the right psychic healing method could help us not only to feel better but to release and fix those blocks we have set into our body, mind, and soul.

Many people have struggled and found results in these techniques, pranic healing, acupuncture, as well as all the other energy healing techniques.

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