Life Direction and Soul Purpose; Astrology Readings and Jungian Counseling

Astrology Readings with key focus on the North Node and South Node; discerning life path direction, career, and relationships.

I have 28 years experience as a professional astrologer and psychotherapist, and am certified by Steven Forrest as an evolutionary astrologer. My Master’s degree is in counseling psychology with an emphasis on the work of Carl Jung.

How to set up an Astrology Reading:​

1~ Email me first at: to set up a time for our session: tell me a few days/times you’re available within the next week or two. I work from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm EST. Include birth info (time & place too) and tell me about yourself–this can be as long or short as you like–and let me know what you’re concerned about…I will write back, usually within a day, with our time and day when we can have our recorded phone session. (The phone session lasts a “good hour”.)

​2~Come back to this website and pay for the reading. I will email you back that we are now ready for our phone or in-person session.

​3~At the time for our reading, call this Free Conference Call number and our session will be recorded. I will send you the charts & recording after our session. Call: 712-660-4856 and when asked, put in access code: 643348# and we’ll be connected! International call-in numbers are on the Counseling-Links Page. Option2 is returning clients within 6 months.

“Astrology for the Third Act of Life”

By combining astrology, Jungian psychology and memoir, Elizabeth writes about how mid-life or the “Third Act” gives us a chance to deepen and connect with our Soul. But when are the best times to make changes? When is the time to pare down, turn inward and draw the threads of your life into a tapestry? When do we have new beginnings in mid-life? You may be forty, sixty or eighty but it’s time to become re-enthused about your next chapter of life.

Jungian astrologer, Elizabeth Spring MA, has written a book that describes the life passages we all experience in aging. Starting with the Uranus Opposition at age 42, to the Chiron Return at age 51, the Second Saturn Return at age 59, to the Uranus Square at 63 and the Uranus Return at 84. Each age-each transit-embodies wisdom that can help us navigate these potentially rich times.

Perhaps those words promise too much, yet both the book and an astrological reading, offers unique insights into relationships, career, and the timing of events–it helps you make better choices. It enables you to feel that you have a little more control of your life and destiny–and it especially helps when you’re feeling just plain stuck.

I specialize in helping you understand your life direction, soul purpose and relationships issues by examining your birth, transit and progressed charts, and especially by looking at the unconscious dynamics that are embedded within the North and South Nodes. By translating Jungian astrology and Jungian psychology into plain English, you’ll find insights that can be helpful for you now. Depth psychology and this type of “evolutionary” astrology goes deeper than sun sign astrology.

Life Direction and Soul Purpose

This new book explores “meaningful co-incidences” — called synchronicities–and how they can change and deepen your spiritual journey. It delves into the concept of reincarnation and how random events may not be so random….for me, my life changed radically starting with buying a simple book in an old bookstore. From there I left the East Coast, my work, my life in Newport, RI to move 3000 miles away to delve into the life of a woman who was born exactly 100 years and 5 minutes before me. It was more than the fact that our astrology charts were unusually similar–what I found was a “sweet synchronicity” that changed everything in my life.

Are you interested in how issues of fate, destiny, astrology and re-incarnation can change us in this life?
This book, based on my true story, explores all this in personal detail…to review or buy click HERE

Check out my book: “Saturn Returns; The Private Papers of a Reluctant Astrologer” which is part fiction, part memoir, and part astrological guide to Saturn in your birth chart.

As astrologer Steven Forrest says of this book: ” A new genre in intelligent astrology. This is just what astrology needs–the missing link between theory and life.” 

“A moving story that will touch your heart and tap your Soul.” Annette Boyce