"Elizabeth's decades of study, spiritual practice, writing, and professional training as a counselor and astrologer make her a valuable resource for those seeking psychological and spiritual guidance. I recommend her work enthusiastically." 

Greg Bogart

Ph.DAuthor: "Planets in Therapy" and "Astrology and Meditation: The Fearless Contemplation of Change"

"Elizabeth pours deep personal experience with Evolutionary Astrology, an immersion in Jungian thought, and the wisdom of a courageously examined life into her work. She is never dishonest about the challenges, but she never leaves you in a depressing, inescapable box."

Steven Forrest
Author: Inner Sky, Changing Sky, Skymates, Yesterday's Sky

"I'm so thankful to the Universe for bringing us together. I would love to attend a course taught by you at the Boston Jung Institute..."
Jeanne Avery
Author: Your Astrological Mask

​"I just wanted to say a word of thanks for our time together over the phone this morning. It felt right, peaceful and affirming,as much as it challenges me to reflect further...I also very much appreciated the gentle, caring, and articulate manner in which you shared what you did...It allowed me to feel a definite soul-level connection with you over the phone."
Pierre Soffe
Hospice Director,Washington


"Sweet Synchronicity: Finding Annie Besant, Discovering Krishnamurti"

Astrology Readings with key focus on the North Node and South Node;

discerning life path direction, career, and relationships.

I have 28 years experience as a professional astrologer and psychotherapist, and am certified by Steven Forrest as an evolutionary astrologer. My Master's degree is in counseling psychology with an emphasis on the work of Carl Jung.

How to set up an Astrology Reading:

1~ Email me first at: Elizabethspring@aol.com   to set up a time for our session: tell me a few days/times you're available within the next week or two. I work from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm EST. Include birth info (time & place too) and tell me about yourself--this can be as long or short as you like--and let me know what you're concerned about...I will write back, usually within a day, with our time and day when we can have our recorded phone session. (The phone session lasts a "good hour".)

​2~Come back to this website and pay for the reading. I will email you back that we are now ready for our phone or in-person session. 

3~At the time for our reading, call this Free Conference Call number and our session will be recorded. I will send you the charts & recording after our session. Call: 712-770-4856 and when asked, put in access code: 647648# and we'll be connected! International call-in numbers are on the Counseling-Links Page. Option2 is returning clients within 6 months.

 "Astrology for the Third Act of Life"  

By combining astrology, Jungian psychology and memoir, Elizabeth writes about how mid-life or the "Third Act"  gives us a chance to deepen and connect with our Soul. But when are  the best times to make changes? When is the time to pare down, turn inward and draw the threads of your life into a tapestry? When do we have new beginnings in mid-life? You may be forty, sixty or eighty but it's time to become re-enthused about your next chapter of life. 
       Jungian astrologer, Elizabeth Spring MA, has written a book that describes the life passages we all experience in aging. Starting with the Uranus Opposition at age 42, to the Chiron Return at age 51, the Second Saturn Return at age 59, to the Uranus Square at 63 and the Uranus Return at 84. Each age-each transit-embodies wisdom that  can help us navigate these potentially rich times.

Elizabeth Spring, MA


 "Elizabeth provides a rare combination of psychological insight with the metaphors of astrology to illumine the invisible worlds..."
James Hollis
Jungian analyst & author: "What Matters Most" "Why Good People Do Bad Things"

"I keep wanting to say how much I liked your article in The Mountain Astrologer this time. You do good work--wonderful quality articles on your site!"

Donna Cunningham 
Professional astrologer and author of many books including: "Healing Pluto Problems"

"Your menopause article in North Node Astrology should be available in every doctor's clinic in the world.  Gosh, how many women would that help - come to think of it, maybe even a few men!"
Melanie Mitchell,  Surrey, England

My Most Popular Book So Far:"North Node Astrology; Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose"

***If you are looking for astrological guidance, this book "North Node Astrology" will help you understand your life direction and soul purpose as well as the meaning of the planets and transits. It will give you a better understanding of your astrological chart. You can use this book to better understand your Saturn Returns, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return, Pluto transits, and more. It's all of what I do in a "reading" and now you may be able to do it for yourself. It's been my best selling book so far.

Click on image above to review or buy book on amazon.com

This book will help you understand what I do in a "reading." It delves into your career, relationship, and psycho-spiritual questions. It includes personal stories and practical suggestions for navigating through challenging and difficult transits, such as your Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, and Neptune and Pluto transits. The book interweaves some of the "heart" of Jungian psychology with evolutionary astrology.

"Although astrologically oriented, this book is written for all readers who are looking to better understand their life direction and soul purpose. Endorsed by Jungian author Jim Hollis and evolutionary astrologer, Steven Forrest, this book is a reference guide as well as a collection of heart-felt stories that inspire a wider understanding of astrology and depth psychology.  

     By using the simple chart/table based on your day and year of birth, you'll be able to look up your Nodes, as well as those of your friends, partners, and family, in order to more deeply understand the psycho-spiritual challenges and opportunities embedded in the chart. Understanding the Nodes and life passages (transits) will inspire a more compassionate view of relationships, marriage, menopause, as well as the alchemy of desire." Mountain Astrologer


  Interested in Carl Jung's "Red Book"? I've started a blog on the release of this important book that Jung wrote during his intense time of encounter with the unconscious. The blog is at:

Come visit and leave your comments! 


Elizabeth has apprenticed with Steven Forrest as an evolutionary astrologer.

Visit me on Facebook as well under Elizabeth Spring https://www.facebook.com/elizabethsprin or my page: North Node Astrology.​

Like the film, ‘Julie/Julia’ this book is a true story based on the lives of two women who lived at different times and places but who had uniquely intertwined lives. Elizabeth Spring, astrologer and aspiring writer, finds Annie Besant because of unusual similarities in their astrology charts. Annie was a passionate social reformer who lost custody of her children because of distributing information on birth control in 1875. After trials and depression, Annie becomes a passionate spiritual seeker, being mentored by the Russian psychic Madame Blavatsky, head of the Theosophical Society. As Elizabeth struggles to write a screenplay of Annie’s life she discovers the heartfelt and obsessive story of Annie’s adopted son, the young mystic J. Krishnamurti. Elizabeth questions the role of fate and reincarnation in her own life by what she uncovers about her mysterious relationship with Annie who was born exactly 100 years earlier, in Victorian England in 1847.


~Are you "just working" or are you doing your life's work?
Let's look at the North and South Node for deeper clues.
 ~Are you questioning your current partnership or wondering when a new relationships will come into your life?
Let's look at your progressed chart or do a relationship comparison chart.
       ~Are you restless, anxious, or feeling 'stuck' and don't know why?
Let's look at your transits: You could be experiencing the Saturn Return or the Uranus Opposition. ​

  • Beginning of North Node Astrology4:59

"I believe that the astrological chart is a profoundly direct means for accessing insight and wisdom because it was chosen by your Soul before birth. As an evolutionary astrologer, I believe that karma, grace, fate, and free will all weave together into an intricate tapestry, and that the chart reveals profound clues about the direction your Soul yearns to go towards, and provides insights into the timing of significant events. 

    Although it is an esoteric truth that character equals fate, we are blessed with the free will to create our own character and therefore our own destiny." 


This new  book explores "meaningful co-incidences" -- called synchronicities--and how they can change and deepen your spiritual journey. It delves into the concept of reincarnation and how random events may not be so random....for me, my life changed radically starting with buying a simple book in an old bookstore. From there I left the East Coast, my work, my life in Newport, RI to move 3000 miles away to delve into the life of a woman who was born exactly 100 years and 5 minutes before me. It was more than the fact that our astrology charts were unusually similar--what I found was a "sweet synchronicity" that changed everything in my life.

Are you interested in how issues of fate, destiny, astrology and re-incarnation can change us in this life?
This book, based on my true story, explores all this in personal detail...to review or buy click HERE

First Full Reading: Option 1 & Return Reading: Option 2

Here is a short sample of the introduction to North Node Astrology~Just click!
About half of this book is directed towards understanding the Nodes in the chart, and the other chapters focus on a deep understanding of the outer planets so that you'll be able to understand your birth and transit chart yourself.

Life Direction and Soul Purpose; Astrology Readings and Jungian Counseling


Check out my book: "Saturn Returns; The Private Papers of a Reluctant Astrologer" which is part fiction, part memoir, and part astrological guide to Saturn in your birth chart.

   As astrologer Steven Forrest says of this book: " A new genre in intelligent astrology. This is just what astrology needs--the missing link between theory and life." 

   "A moving story that will touch your heart and tap your Soul." Annette Boyce

     Available in Paperback, Kindle and Audible on Amazon.com


Here's a direct link to see reviews or buy this book on amazon: http:amazon.com/dp/1727202198 

"Lifting the Veil: Becoming Your Own Best Astrologer" has a new cover now! And you can look at the reviews/buy it here: http://amazon.com/dp/B00JKLXTIK 

​"Lifting the Veil; Becoming Your Own Best Astrologer" 
Want to learn the 'soul language' of astrology? It's not as difficult as you may think. You'll want to know the whole story including what astrologers don't tell you. This book guides you through the process of understanding your birth chart by simplifying transits and techniques in a unique way. In this book Elizabeth shows you how to prioritize what you need to know.
Included here are predictive techniques, mid-life transits and passages, and all that you need to know to become an astrologer. You don't need certifications and advanced degrees, but you do need an intuitive and inquisitive mind to make the mandala of you chart come alive.

"Dear Elizabeth Spring

I'm in an astrology group that meets monthly and I came across your website--- I read everything you posted! Your writing really clicked with me so I ordered your book "Lifting the Veil" and it spoke to me so directly. I couldn't have called up a more perfect response to the questions I've been asking myself. Your writing is clear, simple, direct, but passionate. I look forward to reading 'North Node Astrology" next.  Best, Michael Quinn"


Why not become the "author" of your own life?
 Carl Jung once said: "When an inner situation is not made conscious,
it happens outside as fate."

 Why not bring a little more consciousness
into your life and become your own "author-ity?" 
       Perhaps those words promise too much, yet both the book and an astrological reading, offers unique insights into relationships, career, and the timing of events--it helps you make better choices. It enables you to feel that you have a little more control of your life and destiny--and it especially helps when you're feeling just plain stuck.

      I specialize in helping you understand your life direction, soul purpose and relationships issues by examining your birth, transit and progressed charts, and especially by looking at the unconscious dynamics that are embedded within the North and South Nodes. By translating Jungian astrology and Jungian psychology into plain English, you'll find insights that can be helpful for you now. Depth psychology and this type of "evolutionary" astrology goes deeper than sun sign astrology.

 * Elizabeth Spring MA, is a counseling therapist with a background in the psychology of Carl Jung and 24 years experience as a professional astrologer.